Handmade in Australia.

Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads (3 Pack)


A mum essential!

Mama’s will love our soft reusable bamboo breast/nursing pads. Not only will they save money they are also eco-friendly, non-toxic, chemical free and machine washable!  They are ultra absorbent, yet slim and discreet plus they stay at body temperature when wet unlike disposables that get cold and can cause discomfort.

Each pad comprised of 2 layers for protection and comfort: Bamboo towelling layer for use next to the skin (Bamboo has antibacterial properties) and a waterproof breathable PUL backing to prevent leakage and overlocked edges to prevent fraying.
One size fits most – Approximately 12cm diameter

Why you will love your Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads:

– These bamboo washable breast pads are super soft and gentle on your skin. They stay at body temperature when wet unlike disposables that get cold and can cause discomfort.
– Silky soft – just what you need to soothe tender, cracked nipples in early breastfeeding days
– No harsh chemical glues have been used in their construction so they are safe and non-toxic for both you and your baby
Handmade in Australia by a mama who understands the need for a nursing pad that keeps your clothes leak free
Naturally antibacterial and anti fungal with deodorising properties – essential for helping to avoid infections or blocked milk ducts
They are washable and reusable so you never run out and you will save money and the earth by not adding any waste from disposable breast pads into landfill
– They are hypoallergenic – perfect for mums or babies with allergies and sensitive skin
– Made from a sustainable, renewable crop that is grown without the use of pesticides making it naturally organic, better for our planet and better for you and your baby

How to use your Bamboo Reusable Breast Pads:

– Always ensure your nursing pads are completely dry after washing and between uses for optimum hygiene and absorbency
– Place the nursing pad in your nursing bra so that it is centred on your nipple in a position that works best for you
– Change nursing pads frequently when wet and avoid leaving wet pads on skin for long periods of time
– Washing breast pads daily or every second day is recommended

Care Instructions:

– Place pads into a wash bag and pop into the washing machine
– Pre-wash and dry your breast pads before their first use to increase absorbency
– Avoid using fabric softener

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